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  • ✅Plant stem cells are usually made in labs where they’re held in controlled conditions without interference from pesticides, pollution or other environmental concerns. This ensures the extracted stem cells are as pure as can be. For this reason they are a lot more sustainable than traditional methods — there is less water used and less waste created.
  • ✅Like human stem cells, plant stem cells are undifferentiated cells that can divide to produce more stem cells or become specialized cells. Sources for the stem cells range from flowers to apples to cranberries and other plant sources. “When added to a skin care cream or serum, usually they are first broken open, and then they release high concentrations of antioxidants and growth factors.
  • ✅A large variety of plants are used in extracting plant stem cells. Apples, tomatoes, flowers like lilacs, berries, algae, grape seeds and ginger are among the vegetation that provide plant stem cells. Many of them usually have different benefits. For example, ginger stem cell extracts have exhibited a sort of “mattifying effect” that helps pores look smaller. The stem cell extracts from a rare Swiss apple called the Uttwiler Spätlauber have been shown effective against fine lines
  • ✅Skin cells grow and die at a surprisingly fast rate, turning over about every month. With constant assaults from free radicals, UV rays, environmental toxins, and debased nutrition, Plus, with age, stem cells become depleted and turnover rate slows down. The result? Visible aging, wrinkles, and less-than lustrous skin. Supplying the skin with a fresh batch of stem cells could potentially allow for the creation of new, younger-looking skin.
  • What plant stem cells can offer the skin, however, is a variety of antioxidant, antimicrobial and/or anti-inflammatory benefits collected during the extraction process. The thinking behind plant stem cells used in skin care, is that “many plants are able to survive or thrive in extreme environmental conditions, using nutrition or moisture to keep them alive, so these powerful abilities should be able to be reproduced within our skin.


Promotes elasticity

This powerful anti-ageing formula combines natural fruit extracts with an aloe vera gel base providing the perfect anti-ageing serum. Contains hibiscus flower extract. Hibiscus is known as the ‘Botox Plant’, increasing the elasticity of the skin by inhibiting the production of elastase. The natural fruit extracts in this formula are rich in anti-oxidants, which fight off free radicals resulting in the reduction of fine wrinkles and dark spots. The natural formula helps improve new cell growth and enhance the synthesis of collagen. Opaque Gel.

Ideal For: Dull/Tired Skin, Mature Skin, Normal to Combination Skin


Stem Cell Serum/Organic/Natural/Vegan/New Cell Growth/Fine Lines

  • 30ml

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