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  • ✅ ABOUT GHASSOUL - In Morocco, there is a soapy clay that has traditionally been used for centuries by all the North African population and parts of the Middle East. The extraction of this clay is done via underground mine shafts. Ghassoul production comes from the only known deposits in the world. These are bordering the middle Atlas Mountain chain, in the Moulouya’s valley, 200 km from the Moroccan city of Fes.
  • ✅ HAIR CARE - Benefits of Moroccan Rhassoul Clay for Natural Hair, Rhassoul or Ghassoul clay works especially well for any type of hair and scalp because of its moisturizing and remineralizing properties. Rhassoul or Ghassoul can be utilized as a shampoo, a hair mask, or a conditioner. Introduce it into your haircare regimen and see the difference it makes in your hair. It can be used as often as needed. But for beginners, try it at least once a month and experiment with frequency from there.
  • ✅ FACE & BODY - Ghassoul mixed with luke warm water makes a paste that can be applied as a poultice all over the face and body. Ghassoul absorbs unwanted skin grease, remove facial impurities and particularly blackheads. Wait until nearly dry and then rinse with warm water. You will be amazed how your skin is toned, soft and velvety smooth. For sensitive skin Highly recommended for sensitive skin types because it is 100% pure and natural – no added chemicals nor astringents.
  • ✅RHASSOUL CLAY FOR HAIR - Rhassoul clay contains silica, a component of sand. Natural silica can work as an exfoliant, and also gives hair a glossy sheen. Rhassoul clay may cleanse impurities from the scalp as well as excess oil. At the same time, the exfoliating and conditioning properties of rhassoul clay could work to condition hair and give it volume. Most evidence that rhassoul clay would work for this purpose is anecdotal.
  • ✅ RHASSOUL - MULTI-PURPOSE - Our Spa grade Ghassoul Clay is a versatile and multi-purpose daily cleanser that can also be used as a detoxifying face mask, skin conditioner and hair restoration treatment; It delivers one of the world's most powerful deep pore facials WITHOUT harsh chemicals, and can be applied daily to even the most dry, flaky and sensitive skin.
  • Moroccan Ghassoul Paste with Orange Blossom- Pure, Natural, Traditional, With Essential Orange Oil. The Ghassoul clay powder is 100% natural clay that is highly absorbent, astringent and purifying. It is also hypoallergenic and free of chemicals. Properties: Sets and absorbs oil particles and impurities which are then removed with water. Respects the hydrolipidic barrier of the skin and hair. Cleanses and purifies the skin giving it a smooth appearance. Leaves the face extremely clean with closed pores. Improves skin clarity, removes dullness due to fatigue and brightens the skin. Reaffirms facial features and fights sagging of the skin. Improves skin texture leaving it smoother. Exerts an exfoliating action similar to that of a "peeling". Protects the skin and sebaceous glands. Leaves hair soft and shiny, increasing its volume. Slowly reduces the frequency that hair needs to be washed. Eliminates dandruff and alleviates problems associated with overly greasy hair. Reduces dryness and flaking. How it comes to you: Once extracted, Ghassoul is first sorted at the mine and then subjected to different processes including extensive sorting, cleaning, drying and casting, in order to obtain the finest, purest high-quality product. The process includes large scale extraction (lumps) that is subjected to successive washings with water to remove impurities. The cleansed Ghassoul is spread over large flat areas and is sun-dried in summer and oven-dried in winter. The resulting Ghassoul scales are called M’siek or “scales”. This product is sold locally in Morocco. Powdered Ghassoul is created by placing in large drums for crushing in order to pulverize the product fine powder of the highest quality. It is used in the manufacture of cosmetic, dermatologic products globally.

Ghassoul Paste with orange blossom/Hair & Facial Mask

SKU: 0000020

    Face Masks: This remains the simplest use of Ghassoul clay. It can be mixed maybe with water or rose water to form a silky dough. This paste can be brushed or gummed on the face and let it dry before washing.

    Facial Scrub: Ghassoul can also be combined with other ingredients to form an exfoliating and smoothing scrub. This seems to provide the benefits of masking and exfoliation in one step.

    Hair Mask: As a hair treatment, this cleanses the hair by removing impurities and leaves the hair thick and lively.

    Full Body Mask: Ghassoul reduces dryness, improves skin purity and elasticity. It also has extractive abilities i.e. removing surface oil around blocked hair follicles, which confiscates impurities and unblock pores. Also, it removes persistent pimples caused by the general smoothing of the surface skin.


    It Sustains the Skin

    Rhassoul contains minerals that are useful for the skin, especially silica and magnesium. Silica is an important element for the production of collagen and is often used in the formulation of the skin. Magnesium, on the other hand, is also an important mineral needed by the body, which is easily absorbed into the skin.

    Smooth and Tightening ability

    The clay particle exfoliates the skin gently by removing dead skin cells and also shrinking the pores. Consistent use of Rhassoul results in smooth and uniformly toned complexion.

    Appropriate for Delicate skin

    There has been several trials on Rhassoul and it has been proven to tolerate all skin types. The minerals it encompasses help decrease inflammation or drying the skin.

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