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  • Cramps and aches can happen to anyone at any point in life. Young athletes feel this when their muscles get sore after a tough workout or a challenging match. If you're a woman reading this, there's a certain kind of cramps that come to mind right away. The next time you feel them coming, reach for a jar of cream and see what happens. Apply it on your lower back or around your hips and abdomen and discover how much easier everything can be with the right kind of pain relief.
  • Skin Allergies: The high content of Vitamin A and D is ideal for combating flaky skin. CBD [ Cannabidiol]  oil’s anti-inflammatory properties also make it an effective treatment for skin rashes caused by allergic reactions. Various other skin ailments are thought to also be diminished too due to the cell control properties of hemp oil. The likeliness of developing new warts and moles could be reduced for example.
  • PAIN: Sometimes, the "pain" you feel is more of an irritation. You might have an itch that won't go away or a bug bite that you're waiting to heal. Make the process less stressful on your body and mind with a little bit of topical cream. Just as it works for aches and pains, it may be able to help soothe irritations and other undesirable sensations, too.
  • Long Lasting: Massage into your aching joints and muscles pre and post exercise. Relieve stress by applying to aching feet and neck or before bed. Great for use in massage. Mild formula for all skin types. We understand that you need to treat inflammation on the go. That's why we've developed this sleek design that fits perfectly in your purse or even in your pocket.
  • HEALING OINTMENT is the ultimate natural formula that eases pain while rejuvenating and renewing skin. Heals many of the effects of aging. This is an all-natural healing skin ointment blend using some of nature's finest and most powerful healing agents.


This highly natural and rich CBD Joint Relief Cream is enriched with Arnica Oil, natural conditioning oils, butters, moisturisers and muscle soothing natural essential oils of Camphor and Menthol to instantly soothe and ease tired and aching joints and muscles.



Ideal For: All Skin Types, General Massage, Tired and Aching Muscles


1000mg Cannabidiol Isolate in 1L – 91% Natural – Cruelty Free – Vegan Suitable – Highly Nourishing and conditioning.

CBD Joint Relief Cream| For Joints | Knees | Feet | Hands | Back| Muscles | Vega

  • 50ml

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