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Argan Ethos 

Our Ethos is amazingly simple.


Argan Beauty Deep strives to source all our products in Natural, Organic and Sustainable ways. Which we believe we do.


We believe in a healthy and holistic lifestyle using pure ingredients that can be trusted. If you are interested in our products, we know that it is because quality is of upmost importance to you. We share your concern and take extra care to make sure that our customers will certainly appreciate it.


We believe that Argan Oil speaks for itself. It is rich with fatty acids. Its effectiveness will prove itself to you repeatedly. It is a product that will simplify your beauty routine and leave you looking youthful.


Our Argan Oil supports the communities that live in the heart of Southwestern Morocco and they harvest this magnificent earthly commodity. In the hottest parts of summer, these communities gather Argan Fruits that have fallen for the trees in ripe readiness. Once the small green fruit has been picked up, it is then bought back to the villages where it is left out in the sun for several weeks so that the flesh can be easily peeled away to reveal the Argan Nuts.

At this point then the process is nearly half accomplished as the only way to properly crush the nuts is to remove the Kernals by hand. Each fragile Kernal is then removed from the nut where it is then sent to be pressed and refined. We have picked a method of refinery that ensures the preservation of the quality and naturalness of our products. It is after the refinery process that the oil is then bottled and shipped to us for sale.


There is a joy in being a woman able to use all our wonderful products that are Handmade, Natural, Organic & Vegan


Here at Argan Beauty Deep, it is the essence of a woman’s grace that steers our guiding principles and core values. We know women like yourself who can sense unmatched quality with a single sniff. That is why our products are based upon a relatively simple idea: using the most pure and natural Argan Oil and ingredients found in the world. It really is that simple.


We believe in formulas that are Handmade in small batches of no more than 300 by The Local Berber Women who are paid a fair wage while honouring time-old traditions. Beauty to us is just a means of empowerment after all.

From the plant to the bottle, every drop of Argan Oil/Ingredients is created with you in mind. We believe in integrity as much s we do well being. Our 100% Organic cold-pressed oils are not only a lavish beauty experience but are created to enhance what is already there.


We see no need for unrecognizable fillers or extravagant marketing jargon. You are seeking radiant skin, and we welcome the opportunity to provide you high quality, formulated solutions, in the purest way possible.

Which we believe we do.


Here at Argan Beauty Deep, we embrace the sacredness of steep tradition, the value of Handmade, and the purity of nature.


Please beware of cheap imitations


It is especially important that when you buy Argan Oil it is clearly marked as cold-pressed, 100% organic Argan Oil (or 100% Argania spinosa oil)

There are many products available that claim to be Argan Oil, using cleverly worded marketing to make you think you are buying the genuine thing.

But Do not be fooled into this.


Scientific tests have shown that as soon as you start to dilute Argan Oil with fillers and binders, its age-defying benefits are significantly reduced.


Just like watching fresh strawberries wither away from their red vibrancy and sweetness the day after picking.

Not only do these tactics prevent you from enjoying the full hydrating qualities of Argan Oil in its purest form, but by buying less expensive, less potent skin care products, you are in fact damaging the sustainability of the Argan Tree and the Berber Women who, thanks to the Fair Trade


Cooperative Trusts set up specifically for them to:

. Earn a liveable wage

. They are presented with business opportunities they would otherwise not have

. Have access to a qualified education system for their children

. Can continue to produce the Argan Oil product trusted by generations of Moroccans

. This is all so important to us here at Argan Beauty Deep





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