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 About Us and Our Products

The majority of our products are Vegan friendly, the few that are not we are in the process of discontinuing and replacing with vegan-friendly versions.  Our  Moroccan argan oil products from the Oriental region of Morocco are all Responsibly Sourced.  They are all FDA, USDA, and CCPB Certified.  All the raw materials used are environmentally friendly.  Therefore, they will do no harm to our planet.

Our supplier Hera, from the United Kingdom believes that Nature is the best source of ingredients for our skin.  All their products are Organic, Vegan & Natural. They are careful where they source the ingredients to ensure they are all-natural and the best quality.  Many Skin Products today are full of harmful synthetic chemicals so having products that do not contain any of these chemicals sets us apart from the rest.    

Contact Email: beautydeep@yahoo.com   

Bath, England, United Kingdom



                                                 100% Pure Argan Oil for Skin and Hair UK


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